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Time management tip – use the one to one with your manager.

Regular one to ones with your manager should occur in professional organisations. These give both people an opportunity to discuss how the work is going, personal development, any issues etc.

They also give the opportunity to discuss issues which can impact your personal efficiency or management of time. For example, role creep. In many organisations the role of an individual may well be defined by a job description, but this does not mean the role cannot grow. Extra duties and responsibilities can be given, very often with a positive spin. “It’s a privilege for you to be given this project to oversee.”

But role creep can mean that you have more work to do on top of your existing duties. This can have a huge impact on your time management. So we can use the one to one to discuss these kinds of issues early on, if not before they occur. How they are communicated is also important, that is, in a positive way. But still to avoid avoidable pressure by using the one to one to raise concerns can really work in avoiding crisis situations later on.

Time management tip – use your one to one with your manager