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Soft Skills Training for Lawyers

Welcome to this overview of our soft skills training for lawyers. In today’s competitive legal landscape, possessing excellent soft skills is paramount for success. From effective communication and negotiation to leadership and time management, honing these abilities can differentiate exceptional lawyers. Our expertly curated content explores the importance of soft skills in legal practice, offering practical tips, insightful strategies, and real-world examples tailored specifically for legal professionals. Whether you’re a seasoned lawyer looking to enhance your skillset or a trainee preparing for the journey ahead, our training equips you with the tools needed to excel in every aspect of your legal career.


We have designed and delivered training for a wide range of lawyers. This includes law firm management teams, partners, senior counsel, associates and senior associate, as well as trainees, newly qualified lawyers and paralegals. We also work with lawyers preparing for partnership and barristers in chambers.


The duration of our soft skills training for lawyers range from one hour to three hours. Some are in one stand alone session and others have a couple of parts. We tailor the duration to suit your needs.


The detailed agenda for each of our courses can bee seen on the specific course page. Click here to see the menu of courses.


Participants of our soft skills training for lawyers always leave with at least one idea or action they are going to pursue. The best way to assess the outcome of our training is to lok at our review, see below


We keep this to a minimum, but for some workshops we use our personality model the ITD Work Styles Model, which you can try by clicking here.

Post workshop

With each training workshop the participants receive a pdf copy of the workbook

soft skills training for lawyers

In-person or virtual

Our training workshops are delivered virtually or in-person, whichever works best for you and the participants.

Number of Participants

The number of participants of our training depends on your objectives, but they tends to be between 9 to 15. Twelve participants work well and is the most common number of people on our courses.

Tailoring the training to your needs

Law firms have different cultures and needs, which is why we always tailor our soft skills training for lawyers. We do this in terms of the content, style, examples used and duration. The idea is to give you the best training possible for your people.

Next steps

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Soft Skills Training for Lawyers Courses

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How to manage workloads, delegate and work with supervisors.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 7, 2024

Very insightful and engaging – would recommend!


Excellent Training Sessions

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 2, 2024

The training sessions hosted by Martin were nothing short of exceptional. The sessions promised to be engaging, interactive and informative – and they delivered on all fronts.


Helpful and enjoyable

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 2, 2024

Very helpful and enjoyable session with practical scenarios


Martin knows how to keep the audience focused on his topic

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 25, 2024

Martins not only knows his topics but also is a master of presentation; keeping us focused on the issue. Break-away rooms is an excellent technique Martins uses in very appropriate moments to stimulate exchange and productive discussions. Very clearly structured presentations. Five stars, for sure!

Yuriy Rudyuk

Excellent training on how to treat people with respect

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 9, 2024

Martin Chapman is a highly accomplished trainer, one who is sensitive to his audience. The interactive trainings, like this one, are a pleasure to attend.

Reshad Forbes

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