Reed Smith

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Reed Smith LLP is a global law firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with more than 1,500 lawyers in 30 offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


People in law firms, whether lawyers of business professionals, are faced with challenging situations. These include what we may call problems and as well as decisions. Problems might be internal or client related. Decisions can be to do with a variety of situations including from career progression, to career specialisation and many more.


We designed a workshop to be delivered virtually but which would also work in a live classroom. The agenda included:

  • What is a problem.
  • Your challenges and decisions to work on in the session.
  • Typical challenges and decisions in a law firm.
  • Implications of doing nothing.
  • Decision making & problem solving models.
  • Impact of personality.
  • Where to get help with your challenge or decision.
  • Personal action plan.


The participants came from various offices of the firm and a wide variety of roles both on the lawyer and business professional teams. Each person had the chance to discuss their situations and apply the ideas discussed to them. They completed the workshop with action plans to implement straight away.

Particpant Feedback

“Working with Martin was very helpful. During the workshop he gave me and my colleagues good guidance on problem solving and decision making based on our own experiences. I am confident that the new knowledge will be useful to me in my professional life in the near future.”

Client Comment

“Awesome feedback.”