Speaking at the right volume can make or break your presentation

Some of us find presenting quite daunting and speaking loud enough can be a challenge. But if people cannot hear us they will disengage, so we need to make sure we turn the volume up, but how?

We all tend to have a natural volume level for our everyday speaking. For some this volume is not high enough when presenting. This means we have to make an adjustment when presenting, because if we don’t there will be some people who will not be able to hear us.

So how do we turn up the volume?

One idea is to ask a colleague to sit at the back of the room or similar sized room to that you will be presenting in. You then start talking as loud as you can, shout if you want to, but make it as loud as is possible.

Ask your colleague to indicate whether you should go quieter or louder. At first they will say quieter until you find the right level. Then continue at that level. Practice at that level until you know where that level is. This works because it is easier to start louder and get quieter, than the opposite.

If anything during the actual presentation you will need to be this level or louder as sound is absorbed by having more people in the room.

Start loud and go quieter is a good tip for those who need to increase their volume.


Presentation skills tip for those who need to turn up the volume
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