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PowerPoint presentation skills training can help people get their message across more clearly,  concisely and persuasively.

Many presentations don’t do the presenter justice because they try to present too much, or doesn’t know enough about how Power Point works to get the best from it.

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PowerPoint presentation skills training is beneficial to many diverse roles. We are using power point presentation is a wide variety of situations and to communicate a very broad range of messages. Presentations are required in a variety of situations:

  1. Regular meetings
  2. Team meetings
  3. Project meetings
  4. Conferences
  5. Client meetings
  6. Briefings
  7. Product updates
  8. One to ones


PowerPoint presentation skills training from ITD

PowerPoint presentation skills training with ITD is highly engaging and you can see your skills changing through the session.

With a blend of training and coaching each participant gains ideas on how to improve within a context of their personality. That is we do not push a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each persons style can come through even though they may be quite different.


Typical challenges of participants on our PowerPoint presentation skills training:

  • “I’m not sure how many slides to include.”
  • “I don’t know how much information to put on each slide.
  • “I’m not sure how to structure the presentation.”
  • “I don’t know what to leave out.”
  • “I want to do more than just show a list of bullet points.”
  • “How can I make my presentation more interesting?”




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To discuss you needs for our PowerPoint presentation skills training call +44 (0)800 804 8086


PowerPoint presentation skills training – overview

Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participants’ needs and those of the organisation
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs
  • Agreement of agenda
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire on their needs, experience and expectations.


  • Full day, or two half days.


Typical Agenda

  • Introduction & objectives
  • The presentation objective
  • Basics of Power Point slide construction
  • Fundamentals of design
  • How people learn differently
  • How many slides to use
  • Slide construction
  • Slide language – when to use full sentences & when bullet point language
  • How slides link together in the presentation
  • Linking slides to your objective
  • Presenting Power Point slides
  • Practice
  • Feedback & review
  • Personal action plans

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions





PowerPoint presentation skills training has an immediate impact on performance
PowerPoint presentation skills training from ITD has an immediate impact on performance


Client feedback

  • “I just wanted to say a huge thank you, everyone has been really enthusiastic about the day and can’t wait to put it into practice.”

Participant comments

  • “It really worked very well.”
  • “Very useful feedback.”
  • “Great tips on how to design PowerPoint slides.”
  • “Good tips on how to use PowerPoint.”


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To explore how our PowerPoint presentation skills training could impact your organisation call +44 (0)800 804 8086


PowerPoint presentation skills training – case study

Positively UK is a national charity championing the rights of people living with HIV.


The activity was sponsored to give training to a group of women who went out and presented to those newly diagnosed with HIV. The theme of their presentations was to look at their lives in a positive way, which was challenges both in terms of getting the content right but also making sure the delivery was professional and helpful.

‘I’ve also experienced ITD’s training, Presenting with Impact and thought that sponsoring with training might prove helpful. We discussed the idea with Positively Women and everyone agreed that training in the area of presenting would be a very beneficial way of supporting the charity, particularly as they had never had any formal training’


The objective was to help build awareness of the importance of both recognising which work needs to treated as a project and then to give ideas on how to plan and manage projects.

Typical challenges when presenting put forward by the participants were;

  • Feeling confident when speaking to a group
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Knowing how to stand / move when presenting (body language)
  • How to avoid using the same words or repeating yourself
  • Keeping to time or running over
  • Your mind going blank, don’t know what you’re going to say next


To ensure practice sessions were successful, each participant in turn delivered sections of their presentation. The rest of the participants’ made up the audience and during the sessions each presenter gained feedback from the trainer on any area where the presenter’s delivery style could be improved or delivered differently to add impact.

PowerPoint presentation skills training has an immediate impact on performance
PowerPoint presentation skills training from ITD has an immediate impact on performance


Each participant gained key learning in constructing their presentation and in delivering skills.

What the client said

  • “I just wanted to say a huge thank you, everyone has been really enthusiastic about the day and can’t wait to put it into practice.”
  • “It seems that the approach taken worked really well and the feedback from the participants’ has been great too.”

What the participants said

  • “Very scary but very good and great fun.”
  • “The trainer was sympathetic to my fears and really brought me on.”
  • “It was so useful helping each other.”





If you would like to discuss our PowerPoint presentation skills training please call +44 (0)800 8086



Why use ITD for your PowerPoint presentation skills training?

1. With our blend of training and coaching your skills will develop in the training.

2. With our unique action planning tool you have the best chance of implementing actions gained in the training into day to day activity.

3. Our creative and dynamic approach to training means you will get the right blend of coaching and training.

4. Our flexible approach to fees means that whatever your budget we will strive to deliver what you need.

5. We have been working with clients to help them with PowerPoint presentation skills training for over 13 years and you can benefit from this experience.

6. Our training is very practical and effective so you will become a better creator of presentations and a better presenter with this training.


 To arrange your PowerPoint presentations skills training call us on +44 (0)800 804 8086, or email info@itd.com


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Top tips with PowerPoint presentations:

  1. Be aware of how much time PowerPoint can absorb. Once you get involved in transitions and animations hours can slip away. Your slides are there to support you, not detract and not replace. Make them simple and avoid wasting time on seemingly creative exploits which you may well delete in the end.
  2. Get someone who knows about PowerPoint to do your slides. Maybe a secretary who excels in PowerPoint. Or a marketing person. Or an intern. Delegating production of slides leaves you free to focus on what your’re going to say.
  3. Ask yourself, ‘Do I need any slides?’, ‘What are the slides doing for me, what do they add?’ Too often slides are produced because we think we need them. Make sure they add value to your talk before starting to create.
  4. Start with the structure of your presentation and apply to your slides. The beginning, the middle and the end.
  5. Learn from masters. Find people in your organisation who do slides well and learn from them. Ask if they will mentor you, if only on this one presentation.






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