How to Cold Call

[left_side] Workshop Overview The ITD approach to cold calling works and has instant results. It might seem surprising to those people not involved in sales that sales people generally do not like cold calling. After all isn’t that what sales

Presentation skills training

Presentation skills training – ITD Presentation skills training with ITD has a huge impact on your skills and confidence. Training can include defining the objective, assessing what the audience wants to hear, designing the content, improving body language and how


[left_side] Workshop Overview Most of us have the potential to be more assertive, or assertive in more situations. At ITD we define assertion as being an approach which demonstrates an understanding of the other person’s perspective, whilst putting our own

Communication skills training

Communication skills training Communication skills training helps people to improve how they interact with colleagues, clients, their team, managers and others. Training introduces models and ideas which are applied to the participants situations and scenarios practices or demonstrated. Communication skills