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Training Consultancy Project

SSE plc is a multinational energy company headquartered in Perth, Scotland. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. 

SSE Energy Services (the part of SSE that supplied energy to households across Great Britain) became part of the OVO family in January 2020. The OVO family includes energy supplier Boost, and flagship brand OVO Energy, as well as home services brand CORGI HomePlan. OVO Energy is the UK’s leading independent energy supplier, with a mission to bring clean, affordable energy to all.

Together they supply energy to almost 5 million households across the UK, as well as offering other home services including heating and boiler cover and phone and broadband.


We have worked with SSE for about twenty years on a wide variety of training and consultancy projects. Their people are down to earth and highy professional. It’s always a pleaseure to work with any part of the group in any of their offices.


We were called by a director with over 200 people in their team. He described the challenge they had with their telephone customer service people not giving the service he wanted them to. The problem  was that he could not see why. He asked if a fresh pair of eyes might make the difference.

I talked with managers team leader and staff in the various offices. 

The problem was clear. The team leader roles and above, did not know how to lead in the way the director was looking for. the answer was training.

We designed and delivered a relatively short leadership program, for all team leader roles.


The culture and behaviour in the team completely changed. Even we were a little surpirsed by the impact that such a relatively small investment had achieved.

Client Comment

“First Class Work. Thank you Martin.”