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Training Needs Analysis

A training needs analysis is a great way to gather data on which to base your training plan. At ITD we can help you with your training needs analysis. Our experience in training people around the world and at all levels in an organisation, can be brought to bear in the analysis of the issues and needs faced by your people.

What is a training needs analysis

A training needs analysis is simply a professional method for discovering and exploring the training needs of a group of people in an organisation. It identifies trends, common issues, desires for development, future progression ambitions, frustrations and challenges held in the group. The analysis gathers the data and then interprets this to identify the key aspects to build into a training plan. It can also show priorities and areas that could form part of a short and long term plan.

On line questionnaire

Our online questionnaire is tailored to suit the training needs you are focussed on exploring. We design the questionnaire with you, and it is based on our generic version.

One to one conversations

One to one conversations can be key to drill down into the details of training needs. For a sales team this can include joint sales visits to clients. These conversations can really get into the issues a person faces and what help they might need through training. We may also discover issues that can be better addressed through management coaching, or organisational changes. One to one conversations may be in-person or virtual.

Small group discussions

We can hold in-person or virtual small group discussions. A key skill in this is in creating the right atmosphere in the group, so that people feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and views. Our experience in this is a key factor in getting to the core training needs and why they exist. Small groups are useful when you want to gain an idea of what the group feels are priorities, which can differ from those of any one individual.

Report & analysis

From the various discussions and online questionnaire we compile a report. This report includes data from the analysis, identifies trends and suggests conclusions. It will also include an assessment of the behavioural change challenges in the training required. In other words, an opinion based on our experience, of the probable impact training will have on the needs identified.

Training options

From the training needs analysis we can, but does not always, propose to you a number of training options. This proposal will include details of how the needs could be addressed, a range of in-person training and/or virtual training options and budgets.

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