consultancy contract

Consultancy Contract

A consultancy contract is where we agree to work together for a set period of time, usually one year, with a time commitment for each month. Your basically buying a set number of hours per month for training, coaching or consultancy. The benefit of this approach for you is the price you secure bespoke training and consultancy at. The benefit for us is the revenue commitment.

Training, Coaching, Consultancy

You can use the time agreed for any activity under the banners of training, coaching or consultancy.


Our training is tailored to your organisation and the longer we work with a client, the better we get to know their business and are able to tailor the content and type of training.

These are workshops in style and can be on a wide variety of subjects. Duration ranges from one hour to three hours.

The fee paid only includes delivery, face to face time, not tailoring the content, which is included in the fee.

You can see a range of our training courses here.


Our coaching work is one to one help for individuals who have specific needs. This could be for their career development, or with a single issue, like how to improve their delegation, or lead a team.

You can read more about our approach to coaching here.


The kind of consultancy projects we have been involved in over the years has varied widely. We’ve worked on unscrambling work cultures, defining competencies for international organisations, and helped management teams improve their effectiveness.

It means helping you solve a challenge, which could be in a process, or with people, or with defienig a need.

You acn read more about our consultancy work here.


An agreement is typically set for one year, with cancellation possible with a three month.


The fee level is set in discussion, but is going to be an attractive level for the quality of work you access, so please contact us for more details.

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