nudge consultancy

Nudge Consultancy

A Nudge Consultancy session is where we help you to apply Nudge ideas to your work. This can be on a one to one, small group, or team basis.  The Nudge consultancy approach means we bring our experience of Nudge to bear on your challenges. This is a structured discussion totally focussed on your challenges and objectives. This is a blend of training, as in introducing ideas, with coaching, where the ideas are applied through questioning to your situations.

A nudge consultancy is a specialised service that utilises behavioural science principles to subtly influence decision-making and behaviour. By employing nudges—gentle prompts or cues—consultancies help individuals and organizations make better choices aligned with their goals. These nudges are designed to guide behaviour in desired directions without restricting freedom of choice. Through tailored interventions and strategic insights, nudge consultancies empower clients to achieve desired outcomes more effectively and efficiently. With a focus on proactive, positive reinforcement, these consultancies drive sustainable change and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Experience personalised nudge consultancy sessions, available virtually or in-person. Tailored to your needs, sessions can span from 2 hours to 2 days or more. Delve into strategic insights and actionable strategies, empowering you to achieve desired outcomes effectively.


Nudge consultancy objectives flexibly adapt to your specific goals. Through active engagement, we collaborate closely to define objectives aligned with your needs. Whether it’s enhancing productivity, fostering innovation, or driving behavioural change, our tailored approach ensures targeted outcomes. With transparent communication and strategic planning, we guide you towards measurable results, empowering your organization’s success.

Nudge Consultancy Process

In a nudge consultancy project, the initial step involves defining clear objectives aligned with your organizational goals. Next, we meticulously describe current behaviors and patterns within your team or organization, gaining insight into existing dynamics. With this foundation, we explore various nudge approaches, employing active experimentation to assess their effectiveness. Through rigorous analysis, we evaluate different options, considering their feasibility and potential impact. Finally, we collaboratively decide on actionable plans tailored to your specific needs, ensuring practical implementation and measurable results. This systematic approach guarantees a strategic, data-driven process aimed at achieving your desired outcomes efficiently.

Randomised Control Trial

Utilising randomised control trials, our nudge consultancy employs a data-driven approach to analyse various interventions effectively. By actively testing different strategies, we identify the most impactful solutions tailored to your unique challenges. Through transparent communication and meticulous analysis, we ensure optimal outcomes aligned with your objectives. With a focus on measurable results, our active involvement guarantees a comprehensive understanding of what works best for your organisation’s success.

Reverse Nudges

A Reverse Nudge is where people are disencouraged to follow your preferred option. It means the preferred choce is harder to follow than other choices. Examples include; the over complicated application form; the complex language in a communication; the simplicity of sending an email rather than using the on line form. The Nudge Consultancy will help you to identify any reverse nudges that have inadvertantly been put in place.

Nudge Consultancy Review

"I found this session incredibly helpful in generating new ideas and found your guidance in applying fresh thinking to the marketing and publicity approaches for the trainee curriculum very useful."
Emma Scott
Course Co-ordinator

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