nudge consultancy

Nudge Consultancy

A Nudge Consultancy session is where we help you to apply Nudge ideas to your work. This can be on a one to one, small group, or team basis.  The Nudge consultancy approach means we bring our experience of Nudge to bear on your challenges. This is a structured discussion totally focussed on your challenges and objectives. This is a blend of training, as in introducing ideas, with coaching, where the ideas are applied through questioning to your situations.


A consultancy session can take anywhere from one hour to three hours. There may be the need for a series of sessions, depending on the objective and complexity involved.


The objective is to help you explore how Nudge can be applied to your challenges. The specfic objective varies widely. Here’s some of the objectives we’ve worked on:

  1. How to get people more involved in a process.
  2. How to encourage more participants sign up for a training session.
  3. Ways to present data in a more engaging way that encourages a decision.

Nudge Consultancy Process

The process for a consultancy session generally follows this path:

The Objective: This is what you would like to acheive through the session.

Description: Describing the situation now and what has been tried.

Nudge Approaches: We introduce Nudge ideas one at a time to explore how appropriate they might be, and how they might work in your situation.

Action: We agree a way forward assuming at least one of the Nudge approaches is appropriate.

Randomised Control Trial

A Randomised Control Trial (RCT) is often used by policy makers implementing Nudge at a national level, and can be useful at an organisational, or team level. An RCT is a way of testing the Nudge approach against doing what has already been tried, or another option, or against doing nothing, or very often all three. It simply means testing the approach to see if it is effective. We can help you set up and RCT for your action.

Reverse Nudges

A Reverse Nudge is where people are disencouraged to follow your preferred option. It means the preferred choce is harder to follow than other choices. Examples include; the over complicated application form; the complex language in a communication; the simplicity of sending an email rather than using the on line form. The Nudge Consultancy will help you to identify any reverse nudges that have inadvertantly been put in place.

Nudge Consultancy Review

"I found this session incredibly helpful in generating new ideas and found your guidance in applying fresh thinking to the marketing and publicity approaches for the trainee curriculum very useful."
Emma Scott
Course Co-ordinator

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