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Consultancy Project - Management Meeting

We strated working with Gilead in UK. This was when they worked out of a group of portacabins in a field in Cambridge. What struck me in the first meeting was their combination of expertise and humloty. The atmosphere was dynamic, electric, exciting and productive. They were building something and it would be great to be involved. We continued to work with Gilead for ten years in all areas of the world where they operated.


We had been working with Gilead in UK, across Europe and in US. It was an absolute pleasure working with these people, as they combined professional expertise and ability, with a humility and openness to change.


The management team in UK, asked us to join their management meetings on a regular basis. They wanted us to observe and make comment on how they got things done. We did this for some months. the challneges they fasced were typcial of orgnastion which are both successful and fast growing. Decision making systems that worked when they were smaller, no longer satisfied the complexity of the business. Trust and delegation needed to be extended. New ways of working were required by all members of the team.


The way they worked individualy and as ateam chenged. This included defnining delegation to state clearly what work needed to be done by which level. Redefining lines of decision making meant that only those who needed to, inputed on a decisison, whilst others where kept in the loop with details of what and why decisions had been made.

Client Comment

“Always a pleasure to work with the guys from ITD. They know our business and our people. They’re observations and suggestions are very useful.”