BD for lawyers
BD activity often gets relegated so make the target achievable

A good BD tip for any lawyer who wants to increase their activity. Make your objective very achievable. Too often our targets for activity are unrealistic. With all the other important work to do, BD often gets relegated.

So if we can make the activity target very realistic, it is that much more likely to happen.

Example; a lawyer I met this year needed and wanted to do more but couldn’t find time for BD activity. During a conversation it became clear that this lawyer was an early riser, often at work just after 7.00am. So the answer was to tie new activity in to her daily routine. How? By going to more business breakfast meetings. And to make it very achievable, by going to one breakfast every month. That was four months ago and the target has been achieved. I know some might say this is a small step, but that is good because it means the lawyer builds confidence and I’m sure will start to do more on top of the breakfasts, like follow up meetings etc.

By making the BD activity small and achievable it is much more likely to happen.

BD Tip for lawyers – Make your business development objective very achievable

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