Team leadership training from ITD is ideal for new and experienced team leaders
Team leadership training from ITD is ideal for new and experienced team leaders

5 Tips on Great Leadership – Number 1

Great leaders truly care about how they achieve success. They realise that their role is to serve their staff and clients faithfully and not the other way around. Loyalty is gained not deserved. Such role models never become self important and are prepared to listen and learn. They create the perfect conditions for their staff and business to flourish.

Here are some ideas on how to achieve greatness!

Tip 1: Encourage your Employees to Become Great Leaders

If you are the CEO, spend no less than 15 minutes each day talking face to face on a one to one basis with at least one member of staff from every area of the business. Ask them to consider how their job can be made easier, how the company can improve and what the directors can do to make it better. Then make sure they can communicate their ideas to you direct.

Investing a small amount of time will surely reap dividends and bring positive change and fresh practical ideas to make the business better. One opinion or idea could transform the business. If there are thousands of employees, then enlist the help of fellow directors.

Such a simple approach will show employees that their opinion is valued and train them to think like leaders. It will also reveal who needs to be fast tracked for promotion.

Conscious Leadership and Mindfulness

The best and quickest results come from the top down. Being mindful is not just a series of mental exercises. It is about having crystal clear clarity – being conscious of what, when and how to make the best decisions. Meditation helps this process and encourages us to address the key issues with more focus, calmness and balance.

I saw a great quote recently from Indira Gandhi’s grandfather: “There are two types of people – those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group. There is less competition there!”

The hardest work we can do is the inner work on ourselves.

5 Tips on Great Leadership – Number 1