nudge training

We’re often asked what’s different about Nudge Trainigng from ITD? So here’s some thoughts:

  1. We make Nudge very simple to understand. Nudge Theory was developed by some serious brainy people. It involves a lot of ideas and research interwoven. To explain it could take a lot of complexity. But at ITD we make it really simple, by breaking it down into learning nuggets.
  2. At ITD we make these ideas easy to apply. By breaking Nudge down into its composite parts, it means that we can make it that much easier to apply.
  3. Building on number 2, we help you to apply each Nudge idea in the training. So we introduce a Nudge idea, explain it, illustrate it, then help you to apply it to your organisation and challenges.
  4. Our Nudge Training is practical. Yes we cover the theory, but then we take it further by applying it to your scenarios. So it’s a workshop not just a course. Interaction is throughout the session.
  5. By the end of the session you leave with some really practical ways to apply Nudge to your challenges.
  6. We use our experience of working with clients and their challenges, plus our knowledge of Nudge, to make it a trully inspirational session.
  7. Don’t take our word for it:
    • Martin joined Hackney’s HR, OD and Elections teams for a fantastic introduction to Nudge. I am very grateful for how Martin tailored the event for us, we learned a lot and will be implementing some Nudge techniques. Great and engaging delivery style! I highly recommend Martin if you’re looking for something similar and we look forward to working with him again. Astrid Keogh London Borough of Hackney
    • The session was indeed an eye-opener in letting people make choices and ”guiding” them into a certain direction. Jordy Mechelse
  8. What about that picture? The BA safety video, amongst other things, used entertainment to Nudge people to take notice. One of the Nudge ideas we explore is ‘Make it Fun’. BA certainly did this. How do we know it worked? Not least because so many airlines have copied them.
What’s different about Nudge Training with ITD?