Asking for referrals is the easiest tip for business development

What is the simplest sales tip for any lawyer who does not like selling?


The simplest sales tip for any lawyer is one which requires almost no effort, no cold calling (heaven forbid), no wining and dining, no marketing and no budget. It is a tip which every sales person in other markets knows and is trained on, but even then sometimes still forgets.


It is to ask your clients for referrals.


Your clients use you because you’re good. You give them what they want. You may not be perfect but you’re certainly at least good enough. So if you’re good enough for them might you be good enough for one of their friends or colleagues?


So what do you say to them?


Here are some example of how you might do it; ‘Is there anyone else in the organisation who might require these services?’ or, ‘Are there other departments who need this kind of work?’ or, ‘Do you have any contacts in other organisations who might be interested in the same way we’ve helped you’re business?’ Clearly you choose your own words, but you can see how simple it is.


When do you do it?


Any time you feel comfortable, just so long as you do it. They are good contacts. They are positive towards you. And they will very typically be delighted to recommend you. If you are going to be speaking to them by telephone or face to face sometime soon, then try asking for a referral and see what happens.


You may be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is and how easy selling can be.

What is the simplest sales tip for any lawyer who does not like selling?