Setting goals drives activity

The second tip in our series of six tips for success. Set clear goals or objectives. Once we’ve decided on our priorities we set clear goals. Goals drive activity and performance.


When we don’t set goals we tend to have aspirations and even dreams. Clear goals describe precisely what we are going to try to achieve.


Setting personal development goals helps us to push ourselves towards achievement.


To test this think about a development you have been thinking of for some time. Then think about how you could set a precise goal for it.


For example, many of us say to ourselves we are going to do more exercise. This may be a goal but it’s not very precise. To make it more precise we might say I’m going to walk up the stairs to my office rather than take the stairs; I’m going to walk to the next tube station to catch the train; I’m going to do a 30 min walk at lunchtime 3 times a week.


Making a precise goal drives activity and performance.

Six tips for success in any role – 2 of 6
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