Being assertive is part of time management training
Being assertive is part of time management training

In many office based roles there is a job description, but there is also a tendency for job creep to occur. That is the scope and detail and responsibility for that role increases. Slowly. Incrementally. But it increases. No negotiation. No more money. Just more job.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. More job might mean more job security. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a discussion.

So the tip is to have a discussion with your line manager from time to time about the scope of your job. It may be in your one to one.

“I’d like to discuss my job role. I’ve noticed I’m now doing this project and taking these responsibilities. No problem with this, in fact I enjoy the work, but I just want to make sure we’ve discussed and agreed what I’m doing rather than just assumed it.”

Clearly we could also ask for more money. Or we could ask what can we let go if we are to take on these new responsibilities. From a time management perspective we can also agree what the job is really about. What are core goals are, and what if anything we should leave undone if we cant get to it.

Defining the role with our manager can stop us from taking on new tasks, adding to our role, when we may not have capacity for these new things.

Time management tip – discuss the scope of your role
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