Meetings can be more effectively managed to save time
Meetings can be more effectively managed to save time

For those people who are direct there are some definite time management tips which will work. A direct person is typically focused on the result, driven, impatient to get where they are going, not that interested in small talk when they are at work, doing work.

A classic time waster for direct people is the following. They get a task and dive straight in to its execution. they are driven and want to get it completed as soon as possible. So they get on with it!

Then after some time they realise something. That actually there is a better way of doing the task. And that they need to do the task this new way. so the time taken to now, has been wasted.

So the tip for direct people is to stop when you get a task. Think about the task for even one minute. Consider the best way to go about it.

Then go! For direct people this can save them a lot of time.


Time management – tip for direct people to save time

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