How often does it happen that we attend a training session, agree some actions and leave fully expecting to implement them. But then we get back to our desks and our actions disappear from our consciousness.
What can we do about this and how can we ensure actions are implemented?
The principles of behavioural change can give us some clues. One of the most telling factors is our priorities. If we make an action our priority it has a much better chance of happening.
Making an action our priority has a huge impact on the chances of it happening. Reinforcing this action with planning it into our diary also helps. Prioritising a change will help us to implement it. This might seem quite an obvious point, but if you reflect on courses you have attended and consider what you implemented from that training, and then think about why you implemented those actions, it is likely those actions linked to your priorities.
The key question might therefore be; how do we ensure training actions become the participants’ priorities?

The key to implementing actions following training
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