When we sell over the telephone it’s easy to get into a mode where one call follows another and we start to sound a bit monotone. One call feels like another, our enthusiasm wanes and so do our results.
Here’s a tip to help keep sharp and improve results.
We all have a particular work style, that is characteristics that come to the fore when we are at work. Using words from the ITD work style model; some of us are direct and like to get to the point, get things done, not waste time and achieve things; some of us are more social and like to chat, get to know people, build relationships and work as a team; others are analytical and like to really get to know a subject, reflect on what we do, plan thoroughly and follow routines; others are more conceptual and like new projects, new ideas, prefer not to do routine work and want to explore and solve problems.
Of course we probably have elements of all these work styles, but very often one will come to the fore when we are on the phone. By trying to identify which of these styles the prospect has we do two things. One we focus on them and improve our listening, and two we will naturally adapt our style to more suit the prospect.
The direct style will typically talk abruptly and to the point, sounding impatient. The analytical will be cautious and ask detailed questions. The conceptual will be interested in any new idea or new approach. The social will be friendly and chatty.
Adapting could involve mirroring and we’ll talk about that in a future post, but the point here is that by trying to understand the work style of the prospect we will improve our approach with them.


Telephone sales – how to adapt your style
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