Teamwork training
Teamwork training has an impact on performance and motivation

Team working tip – to ensure you get it right, more times than you get it wrong.

Listen to the quietest person in your team.

You may have all sorts in your team. The noisy people who will talk and talk. The enthusiastic guys who will want to try everything and make it fun. the hasty guys who just want to get it done, and get done fast. Combined they will create a lot of noise and a lot of energy. And you’ll be tempted to follow the force they generate.

But take a moment. Talk to the quietest ones. Why? Because they are the people who consider carefully. They weigh up different options. They look at different arguments.

These people might just give you a piece of insight to completely change your mind. So ask them, listen to them, because not to could cost a lot.

Team working tip – to ensure you get it right

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