Workshop Overview

The modern lawyer will be as comfortable selling as they are ‘doing the law stuff’.

This programme covers the key areas of selling for the modern lawyer in a number of 3 hour modules.

One workshop gives Associates frameworks for managing the sales process in their practice area in partnership with the new business development function. The key areas of sales management are covered with a flexible agenda adapted to the needs of the participants.

One workshop looks at consultative selling. A consultative sale is a highly successful technique in business to business selling where partnering with the client is important. A consultative sale is where the sales person needs to work with the client to design a bespoke solution. One definition of consultative sales is the ability to be seen as an advisor.

A person using this approach sells based on their ability to engage with the customer as a peer, through their knowledge and conversational style.

They ask intelligent questions that provoke the thinking of the customer, making consultative sales more of a partnership approach.

One workshop looks at networking and how to prepare for business breakfasts and other networking events.

One workshop looks at the presentation to a client.




Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the organisation
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs
  • Agreement of agenda
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire and read the ITD Work Style Model in preparation for the workshop.


  • Series of three hour modules.


Typical Agenda

Managing the sales process module

  • Practice area objectives & SWOT analysis from a sale perspective
  • Process Management; sales pipelines, reviews, reporting structures
  • Sales Management – managing results – managing effort – managing behaviours & the quality, quantity, direction model
  • People Management; contracting, managing expectations
  • Performance management; sales results
  • Personal scenarios & live practice

Consultative Selling Module

  • Consultative selling defined
  • Prospect / Client analysis
  • Advanced questioning, listening and closing skills
  • Identifying the source of power
  • Engaging with the client
  • Application to personal scenarios


  • Challenging the preconceptions of what lawyers are like
  • Process overview
  • Awareness of personality types
  • Skills overview – coaching checklist
  • Brainstorm of skills involved
  • Communication skills framework
  • WIIFMs from the prospect’s perspective
  • Questioning & Listening
  • Partnership language
  • Mirroring
  • Networking with a potential client
  • Making the follow up call
Presenting to a client
  • Review current skill levels through live presentation
  • Areas for refinement
  • Choice of language
  • Body language
  • Presenting to potential clients
  • Networking with a potential client
  • Voice coaching
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Review of personal presentations
  • Personal scenarios & practice with video

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions



By the end of the programme

  • Lawyers will have developed their skills in selling
  • they will have highlighted their personal development areas and worked o them
  • They will have received 1 to 1 coaching

Call or email ITD to explore how we can help your lawyers develop their approach to selling



Associates / Senior Associates – Selling Skills for Lawyers

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