Supervising Junior Lawyers
Successful supervision of junior lawyers is essential for motivation and productivity

Supervising Junior Lawyers

Getting the most from junior lawyers is easy to get wrong. Senior lawyers can easily forget what it was like when they started their career. They forget how long it takes to do a task which leads them to underestimate time for the junior lawyer. It’s easy to forget that unless they are supervised and taught the junior lawyer will not know even the basic terms in a practice area.

The biggest challenge with supervising junior lawyers is to give enough time to do it properly. This is one of those situations where if we don’t give enough time it takes more time to put things right.

Supervising junior lawyers training

This supervising junior lawyers training gives lawyers a clear framework on how to get it right. We review the key processes, that is, what to do and when to do it. How to set up the relationship on solid foundation be establishing clear expectations. And we cover some of the key skills required. We also give a number of  frameworks to use as tools to help with supervision.


This training is suitable for lawyers who have the responsibility for supervising more junior lawyers. We have run this for Solicitors, Associates and Partners. Solicitors supervising paralegals, Associates supervising solicitors and paralegals, and Partners supervising all levels of lawyers.

Maximum number of participants: 12


Introduction and objectives.
Challenges with supervision; the senior lawyer’s perspective.
What the junior lawyer needs; motivators and de-motivators.                   
Contracting: establishing a strong foundation for your working relationship.
Understanding the work styles of your junior lawyers.
Time required for success & the law of increasing return.
Key skills required in supervision.
The importance of feedback & how to give it positively.
Practical scenarios.
Participant scenarios.
How not to supervise!
Summary of workshop.
Personal action plans.

Pre-workshop activity

Participants consider their challenges and experiences of supervising junior lawyers.

Post workshop activity

Emailed action plans, plus one to one coaching available.


By the end of the workshop participants will have;

  • A framework for supervising junior lawyers.
  • Reviewed they’re approach to supervision.
  • Gained ideas on how to assess the needs of the junior lawyers.
  • Created personal actions.

Models used in our training

time management training

ITD Personality Model

Our Personality Model is easy to understand and simple to apply to everyday supervision situations.



Contracting is a simple model for establishing a strong foundation to working relationships.

Case Study: Supervising Junior lawyers

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