Workshop Overview

It is possible to help any presenter become more engaging and influencing .

This workshop looks at a more effective approach to presenting information & engaging with the audience to increase success. It looks at how to engage and influence the audience and reviews how to select the right content to achieve the objective. Using the participants own presentations it is a blend of training and coaching.





Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the firm
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs
  • Agreement of agenda
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire and read the ITD Work Style Model in preparation for the workshop.


  • Two half days.


Typical Agenda

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Defining the meeting/presentation objective as an outcome for the audience
  • Audience assessment
  • Lawyers presenting to different client types; bankers, business people, entrepreneurs etc.
  • What does the client/prospect want to hear? – Adapting the presentation to the audience and the objective
  • How to stand out from the crowd of those presenting to your target audience
  • Planning & preparation checklist
  • Content & legal jargon checklist
  • Presenting complex data effectively
  • Developing the lawyer’s individual style
  • Handling the most difficult situations
  • Impact – voice, body language, content
  • Summary of workshop & personal actions
  • Part 2
  • Developing confidence to become a more successful presenter
  • Fine tuning skills

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions


Client feedback

  • “The workshop was very productive with one to one feedback for everyone.”

Participant comments

  • “It really showed me where I need to improve and ideas on how to do so.”


Call or email ITD to explore how we can help your people can develop their presentation skills to a higher level



Engaging & influencing when presenting – Case Study

The Associates and Senior Associates in this mid sized law firm have all the necessary theoretical and practical legal knowledge. The challenges can be in conveying this in an interesting manner.




This workshop works with each individual in the workshop to develop their approach to become more engaging. This can mean changes in the content of the presentation, changing the way content is presented, and in modifying communication skills.


To develop the participants’ skills to a higher level for presenting both internally and externally.


We used a blend of instruction, reviewing the basics, practice and discussion of how to apply ideas.

This is an informal but focussed session. Feedback is gained from the participants and trainer so that everyone has has the opportunity to improve in the workshop.

In between participant presentation further content and ideas are introduced. Participants can see each other improve and are in n o doubt about the power of the ideas reviewed.

There is regular discussion on the subject of the presentation and how best it can be communicated; what level of detail needs to be conveyed; what the slide should say, and the blanace of information on the slide and that given by the presenter.


What the client said

  • “Excellent feedback from the session.”

What the participants said

  • “Very good focussed session.”
  • “Excellent ideas and I could not beleive that my presentation could be made interesting, but we did!”


Associates / Senior Associates – Engaging and Influencing when Presenting

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