Leadership presentation training

Leadership presentation training helps when leaders need to inspire by presenting the way forward to their team, or the wider organisation.

This workshop helps those in leadership positions with the skill of inspiring through a presentation. Leaders sometimes need to explain difficult messages; why things have to be done in a certain way; or why things aren’t going to be done; why downsizing is needed; why there will be no pay rise this year.

Leadership presentation training in 2015

Leaders also need to inspire through explaining the vision for the future, the way ahead and where the team is going and how they are going to get there.

Participants consider such challenges and bring these into the workshop. With help form the trainer they then design a presentation which will lead their audience and inspire them.

Leadership presentation training with ITD

Our approach to leadership presentation training is a blend of training and coaching so that participants work on their skills in the session and develop their ability. They learn how to deliver leadership presentations and then practice the skills involved, with coaching from the training consultant.

Typical challenges of participants on our leadership presentation training:

  • “I have some difficult messages to communicate over the next year, so I would like to know the best way to put these across.”
  • “Some people think they are better than they are, and this can be a challenging conversation.”
  • “We are going to outsource and offshore some services in the next 18 months and I need to learn the best way to present this message to the whole business.”

How do adapt our leadership presentation training to your organisation?

  1. We will adapt the training to suit your needs and the needs of the participants at no extra cost.
  2. Your people will get training to help their challenges not just generic training.
  3. We will work with you to scope the time and style of workshop which best addresses your needs.


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Leadership presentation training – overview

The following gives details of our leadership presentation training, and to explore how this training could help your organisation please contact us.

Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the organisation.
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs.
  • Agreement of agenda.
  • Participants complete a one page questionnaire regarding their leadership challenges.


  • One to two days with optional follow up.


Typical Agenda

  • Introduction and objectives.
  • Participant challenges with leadership.
  • Typical difficult messages.
  • Typical messages for inspiration.
  • The team’s / organisation’s need for leadership.
  • Structuring a leadership presentation.
  • How to communicate difficult messages.
  • Managing negativity and dealing with possible reactions.
  • Practice sessions.
  • Feedback and coaching on presentations.
  • Refining the skills required.
  • Personal actions.

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions.
  • Email follow up of personal action plans.
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions.
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions.
  • Optional 121 coaching.
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions





Leadership presentation training
Leadership presentation training improves impact and buy in to difficult messages

Typical outputs

  • Participants learn the differences with leadership presentations.
  • They learn how to construct a leadership presentation.
  • They review how to make these presentations.
  • Leadership presentations are practised.

Client feedback

  • “The team really enjoyed and value the training, and it’s been very useful.”

Participant comments

  • “Really interesting.”
  • “It was very good to see the other people’s presentations on a variety of difficult messages.”
  • “I’m going to put this in practice immediately.”

Tip sheet from ITD

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 To explore how our leadership presentation training could impact your organisation call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Leadership presentation training – case study


Medium sized pharma business working in UK and across Europe.


Like any organisation there are times when challenging, or difficult messages need to be communicated by managers to their teams.


The need for this training was to show these managers how to make leadership presentations, which inspire their teams to accept even very difficult messages and be highly motivated.


The session required participants to bring their most challenging messages for practice. Following instruction from the trainer each person creates their presentation and then gives their presentation to the group. Feedback is from the peer group and the training consultant to help tailor and refine the content and the delivery. The agenda included:

  • Participants’ challenging messages.
  • What is a leadership presentation.
  • Structuring the leadership presentation.
  • Looking at the issue form the team’s perspective.
  • Practice and feedback.
  • Developing the presentation.
  • Practice and feedback.
  • Personal actions.



Leadership presentation training
Leadership presentation training improves impact and buy in to difficult messages





  • The participants learnt the difference and impact of leadership presentations.
  • They prepared presentations to address their leadership challenges.
  • Each participant practised their presentation and received developmental feedback.

What the participants said

  • “I hadn’t really thought about presenting in this way.”
  • “Very useful and practical.”
  • “I could really see the difference in this style and way of presenting.”




 To discuss your needs for leadership presentation training call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Why choose ITD for your leadership presentation training?

1. We will tailor the leadership presentation training to suit the needs of your leaders and of your organisation.

2. Our training is a blend of training and coaching so that participants work on their development in the session.

3. The participants will work on their presentations in the training, which they can then give back in the office.

4. Our training consultants create an open productive learning environment in which your people will find it very comfortable to develop.

5. Our flexible approach to fees means we will find a way to fit your budgets.

6. Our unique action planning tool gives your participants the best chance of implementing change.






Leadership presentation training