During a recent training session with a group of experienced financial advisors there was a discussion about positioning. Positioning is the skill of explaining something in a way which communicates it clearly to a specific audience, whilst setting it in a context. Their challenge was positioning the value of advisor fees with clients not used to seeing fees in such a transparent way as they are today. Fees have traditionally been wrapped up in products.

To position this, we might say; So fees have always been there, it’s just that now they can be seen more clearly.

to position value, we might say; We help you achieve your financial goals, leaving you free to do what you want to do in retirement.

For another example, how do we position learning and development within a business focused on driving profitability and efficiency? Positioning is about explaining within a context. In this case the context is profitability and efficiency. Here is one way; L&D helps the people in an organisation become more efficient, by providing training from experts who can pass on their experience and expertise.

Positioing helps put ideas in people’s minds in a way you want them to be put.

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