It’s about this time that many people in some countries hope to be winding down towards Christmas and the New Year celebrations. Then we notice it’s not getting quieter. In fact it can be quite the reverse.
So what’s going on?
The answer can be a self inflicted time management / project management issue.
Many of us agree to end of year deadlines for projects and tasks. The senior manager says that the project needs to be completed by end of year 2013. We agree.
Now let’s take a look at what we’ve agreed to. The week before a deadline can be the busiest in a project. Trying to get some final tasks completed. Get sign off. Gain final input from senior people. And we’ve chosen one of the busiest social weeks of the year to do it. Many people may be on vacation. Many people may be distracted with celebrations. Plus we may ourselves be distracted by the same things.
A good tip therefore, can be to avoid December for project end dates, and if possible delay them to Jan 31.

Festive Time Management / Project Management Tip

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