Teamwork is like a jigsaw puzzle

Every piece matters.

Some pieces think they might be more important. The four corner pieces might think they are the most important. The edge pieces might think they are more important. Pieces with a key part of the image might think they are more important.

But every piece is important, because if one piece is missing the jigsaw is incomplete. IT looks wrong. It doesn’t work. Everyone focuses on the bit that’s missing not on the image.

So it is with teamwork.

Consider your team, department or entire organisation. What is it like when one of you is absent? Who do you need to play their part in order for the team to be successful? What happens if one person lets the side down?

Of course some have more responsibility, bigger roles and need to make big decisions, yet everyone has to play their part. Otherwise the decisions are not acted on and not implemented properly.

Once we notice that everyone matters just like a jigsaw, we all may treat everyone internally with a bit more equality, sincerity and respect. 

Teamwork is like a Jigsaw Puzzle