account managementSelling at a senior level
There are particular challenges when selling at a senior level. By senior we usually mean Director or Chief ‘C’ level. These people tend to have common characteristics. Their objectives includes making their organisation more profitable either by increasing revenues, or by increasing margins. They are very busy people. They have lots of pressures on their time. They typically display direct characterises in their personality, at least when at work. This means they are likely to be focused, goal driven and possibly impatient. So how do we sell to them?
1. Make sure any message is very clear, precise and linked to possible benefits. 2. Give brief examples of where you’ve achieved for other organisations. 3. Speak in bullet point language, short sentences, not meandering anecdotes. 4. Get your point across and then give them space to ask questions. 5. Don’t sell to them, get them interested. Once they’re asking questions you’re on your way.

Selling at senior requires a well thought through approach; tailored to the person and organisation.

Selling at a senior level

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