Meeting of colleaguesFinance training doesn’t have to be dull.
For many the thought of going on a finance training course is not thrilling. Learning about accruals, budgeting, corporate finance, asset management, banking etc, does not send the adrenalin firing through the veins. So at ITD we’ve created a learning environment which makes learning both interesting and fun. Yes fun. We’ve developed the ITD finance business game. This is where each learning point is illustrated and brought to life in our business game. And the business game is adapted to suit your organisation and market. So the participants see the relevance straight away. Sessions are typically half a day to a day and each section has a business game to illustrate the points made. The feedback we get is excellent and always includes some people who expected the training to be a bit dull but were pleasantly surprised and delighted with the reality.

Finance training doesn’t have to be dull

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