Being assertive is part of time management training
Asking for clarity on priorities can be effective

Prioritising – how to know what to prioritise?

It can be a real challenge knowing what to prioritise. You have project work which you own, plus contributions to projects which other people own. Then you have add hoc requests, questions, emails, phone calls and other interruptions. So what do you do first?

One of the simplest solutions may also be one the hardest. Ask your boss.

They are the ones responsible for the overview of your work. With clear direction on the objectives of our work and our priorities, it will make the job much simpler.

Of course with some bosses this is not that simple. But with a degree of assertiveness it will be possible to ask.

And of course this is not the whole solution as it won’t stop the requests and interruptions, but at least it will give clarity on what our main priorities need to be, which is at least a beginning.


Prioritising – how to know what to prioritise

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