Sales Management Coaching

Sales management coaching helps sales managers improve their approach and the performance of their team. We do this by helping the sales manager develop their skills and fine tune their management style to best suit the requirements of the organisation and the needs of their team.

Sales management coaching builds on training

Sales management training is very useful at educating the sales manager on the best techniques and ideas for achieving targets and improving performance. It also helps to develop skills. Coaching takes that development to the next level.

What is sales management coaching?

Sales management coaching is where the coach works with the sales manager over a period of time to improve their performance. The coaches role is to help the sales manager see things which they had not seen themselves. This is best achieved by encouraging self reflection. Ideas can be suggested but this is not coaching in the purest definition; this is more like mentoring. Having said that many coaches do end up mentoring as well to help the sales manager develop.

Sales management coaching with ITD

At ITD our sales management coaching is about helping sales managers improve. Their improvement can be in many areas. It is a real pleasure seeing a person develop and grow, to become a better manager for their team and the organisation.

Typical challenges of sales managers who benefit from sales management coaching

  • “I am not sure how to motivate my team.”
  • “I have some real characters in my team and I would like to find out how to get the most from them.”
  • “We are a successful team, but there is always more you can do, and I would like help with this.”
  • “I have one or two problem sales people and would like ideas on what to do with them.”

Roles which we have worked with in our sales management coaching

  • Sales managers
  • Sales training managers
  • Sales directors
  • Sales coaches
  • Customer service managers
  • Internal sales managers
  • National sales managers
  • International sales managers

Typical outcomes of sales management coaching

  • Improved confidence in managing the sales team.
  • Better performance from one or all of the sales people.
  • Solving the challenge whatever it might be.
  • Development of the sales manager.
  • Taking skills to a higher level.



Sales management coaching
Sales management coaching helps to improve performance


Sales management coaching timings

The timings for your sales management coaching sessions can vary according to the objectives. Typically we start with a one to two hour session to establish the goals and background and then work out the activity required.

Location for sales management coaching

At the beginning the first sales management coaching session is best of it is face to face, but conference calls work as well. Following that telephone calls and conference calls or face to face work well.

Number of sales management coaching sessions

The number of sales management coaching session will really depend on the objective and needs of the sales manager. It could go from one session to six or twelve sessions.

Sales management coaching objectives

  • Improve performance of the sales team through more assertive sales management.
  • Better planning by the sales manager.
  • Increased and faster development of the sales manager to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • To take the development of the sales managers beyond what training can achieve.



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Sales Management Coaching

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