Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps those in a leadership or senior management position develop their leadership impact. With coaching leaders can achieve more than they might without, in the same way any sports person looks to a coach to help and fine tune their performance.

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is where a coach helps a leader develop their leadership through questions, discussion and observation. A coach does not tell their client what to do or how to do it from their experience, this is more like mentoring. We often find clients want string suggestions, so coaching and mentoring become a little blurred in coaching sessions.

Leadership coaching picks up where training ends

Leadership coaching develops the abilities of the leader, from what they learnt and developed in training. In training we learn about how to do something and we may have time to practice these skills.

Leadership coaching with ITD

At ITD our approach to leadership coaching is different in a number of ways, but most of all we use our unique action planning tool to ensure you have the best opportunity to implement agreed actions from the coaching session.

Typical challenges of leaders who benefit from leadership coaching

  • “I’ve done leadership training, but I am struggling to translate this into leadership behaviours on a day to day basis.”
  • “I would like to discuss the way I lead and get feeedback on it.”
  • “It would be useful to get an external perspective on my leadership style.”

Roles we have worked with in our leadership coaching

  • Directors
  • Partners
  • Senior lawyers
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Senior managers
  • Associate directors
  • Board directors

Typical outcomes of leadership coaching

  • A better vision of what leadership is about.
  • Clearer view of how leadership applies in an organisation.
  • Reflections on leadership, the leadership style and impact of the leader.
  • Increased knowledge of the leadership options available.
  • An opening of the mind towards different perspectives on leadership.




Leadership coaching
Leadership coaching helps develop your approach to a higher level


Leadership coaching timings

Leadership coaching session are designed around your needs. Typically we start with a two hour session to get a good feel for the situation and need. Prior to this a telephone call establishes the likelihood of a good working relationship.

Location of leadership coaching.

Ideally face to face, but the leadership coaching sessions can work by video conference, telephone and support can work via email and text.

Number of leadership coaching sessions

They can be from one to three hours. They can be individual sessions, or a number of sessions in a series, or unlimited to provide on going support. It depends on the

Typical leadership coaching objectives

The objectives agreed can vary widely and include:

  • To improve leadership impact.
  • To help focus more on leadership and less on management.
  • To better understand the power of leadership in the specific organisation and its culture.
  • To gain ideas on how to develop my leadership.

ITD leadership coaches

Our consultants are very experienced in both business and working with leaders and managers. We work to a clearly defined brief and specific objectives.


To discuss how our leadership coaching could help you or your people, please call us for an initial discussion on +44 (0)800 804 8086




Leadership Coaching