Sales for non sales training

Sales for non sales training from ITD helps your people add sales skills  to their skills set with our training and coaching approach. This can have huge benefits to the revenues of the business. If your people are moving from service to sales they will benefit from this sales for non sales training.

Sales for non sales training 2015

Sales for non sales training is required more than ever in today’s competitive commercial markets. Increasingly those people on the periphery of sales are being required to learn sales skills to make the most of opportunities in customer facing situations. It would help those people who need to improve their knowledge of the sales function of any business.

Sales for non sales training from ITD

Our approach to sales for non sales training is to understand the perspective and personalities of those being trained. We then design the training to bridge the behavioural gap between what they are doing currently and what they are expected to be doing in the future. The ITD is unique as we use our behavioural change tool to help your people put their actions into practice.

Typical challenges of participants on our sales for non sales training

  • “I don’t know anything about selling.”
  • “I’ve never sold before so I’m quite nervous about this.”
  • “I’m not sure I can sell.”
  • “I’m not a sales person.”
  • “I’d like to know how to do this.”
  • “I’m not sure it’s right that we should be selling.”
  • “People don’t want to be sold to, so I need to be convinced on how to do this without coming across as too pushy.”

What is sales for non sales training?

Sales for non sales training helps those members of the organisation not used to thinking about selling to become comfortable in sales situations. It needs to help them bridge the behavioural gap and ask the questions which often lead to sales.

Who would benefit from our sales for non sales training?

  • Customer services personnel.
  • Customer services managers.
  • Customer services team leaders.
  • First line service staff.
  • Sales support.
  • Anyone new to sales.



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Sales for non sales training – overview

The following gives you more details on the training and what is included.

Who would benefit from this training?

Anyone who has customer interactions where there is an opportunity to sell. This could mean selling up, selling add ons, or selling new services. Typically it is people in customer services roles.

What is the duration?

This depends on the requirements but typically it is either a day with follow up, or two half days with follow up.

In which countries?

We can deliver this sales fo non sales training in any country.

Typical sales for non sales training agenda

Pre-workshop task

Participants complete a short pre-workshop question sheet


  • Introductions and objectives
  • What is selling?
  • What is service and what do customers want?
  • Examples of a good call analysed.
  • The difference between current behaviours and required behaviours.
  • Identifying opportunities.
  • How not to do it.
  • Questioning and listening skills.
  • Practice scenarios and analysis.
  • Live calls.
  • Individual coaching from the trainer.
  • Summary.
  • ITD action implementation tool.
  • personal actions.

What your people would learn from our sales for non sales training?

  • That selling is not about pushing someone to have something they do not want.
  • Selling is a natural extension to good customer service.
  • That good questions are often the root to good sales, and anyone can ask questions.
  • What buying signals are.
  • When to identify a customer who may be open for a new service or product.
  • Ideas based on their work situation through our tailored approach

 What happens after the workshop?

  • Participants leave with personal actions.
  • Email follow up to remind them of their actions.
  • Optional follow up WebEx conference call.
  • Optional 121 coaching.
  • ITD blog with further tips, ideas and reminders.




Sales for non sales trainig from ITD
Sales for non sales training from ITD helps introduce sales techniques appropriately


Impact of our sales for non sales training

  • Realisation that sales does not have to be pushy or uncomfortable
  • Review of how selling can be a natural extension of the service given
  • Perspective of sales being a benefit to the customer
  • Look at specific skills involved in selling in a service call
  • Review positioning in the call
  • Practise skills
  • Receive one to one coaching
  • Develop personal selling style

Typical participant comments

  • “It showed me that selling for me can be just about making a suggestion.”
  • “I loved the idea of selling to my Auntie, that made me realise that yes I would make these suggestions to her, rather than let some other company give her some nonsense.”
  • “The coaching was excellent because it helped me to put the ideas into practice.”
  • “Very simple straight forward ideas but done in a really good way.”
  • “Once I tried the ideas and saw they worked, it just felt so natural to carry on.”
  • “I’m going to enjoy using these techniques as they a actually make the job more interesting.”


Tip sheet from ITD

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To explore how our approach to sales for non sales training could help your people call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Sales for non sales training – case study


Major electricity generator and distributor


This section of the customer services team had regular contact with customers. The team of over 30 telephone operatives worked in two shifts during the working week.


The business decided that this team had an opportunity to deliver sales based on their conversations with customers. But the team had never ‘sold’ before and felt very nervous about this change. The training needed to work on multiple levels; reassure the team that what they were being asked to do was ok, and in fact would offer benefits to their customers; to develop the team’s skills with a blend of instruction and coaching; show the team that the targets they had been given were achievable


First we worked on the culture of the team, by using the ITD methodology of culture renewal. This meant any issues and potential blockages were removed before introducing the new approach, through a series of 2 hour team sessions. Next we designed and delivered a series of sales for non sales training skill development workshops. These were followed up by one to one telephone call coaching to help each customers service agent develop their selling skills in their own style.


The team blew their seemingly unachievable sales target away by 136%


Sales for non sales trainig from ITD
Sales for non sales training from ITD helps introduce sales techniques appropriately


Client comment

  • “The work ITD carried out was superb, helping our team every step of the way and undoubtedly helping to deliver our sales target.”

Participant feedback

  • “It was excellent, just the right balance between a discussion, instruction and letting us find our own way of selling.”
  • “I didn’t think I wanted to sell or could sell, but now I just do it.”








To discover more about our unique approach to sales for non sales training call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Why use ITD for your sales for non sales training?

1. We first developed our sales for non sales training approach 12 years ago and have been developing it and fine tuning it ever since.

2. Our approach is unique with a blend of training and coaching to ensure you get the change in behaviours you require.

3. Our training consultants create an open and comfortable learning atmosphere for your people to explore new skills.

4. Our flexible approach to fees means that we can fit the training into your available budget.

5. The training will be adapted to suit your needs at no extra cost.

6. Our unique approach to post training actions means that your people have the best opportunity to implement ideas they gain in the training.







Sales for non sales training