Managing projects is a growing requirement for many roles. It doesn’t seem to matter what organisation you’re in, the need to manage projects has become a core skill. Whether you’re in HR, Sales, Marketing, PR, IT, or any functional area, and whether you’re a lawyer, in a senior position or just starting your career, project management is key. So how can we learn from projects?
One idea is to set learning as a key objective of any project. A simple and effective tip. If learning is an objective then as we go through the project we record any such learning.
This might be reflections on setting more realistic time-scales for colleagues to deliver, establishing better project responsibilities at the start, creating clearer interdependencies, or doing more work on ‘what if’ scenarios. It could be almost anything.
The idea is a simple one. Record any learning made during a project in order to get the most from it, regardless if it is a successful project or not.

How to learn from past project management experience
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