Shared experience is vital for team effectiveness

What is more important with successful teams, individual experience or shared experience. So if we employ high performer into a team what will be the effect compared to recruiting a team?
Research seems to show that team experience is more important. A study of analysts showed that when recruiting a star analyst, it took them five years to recover their star status. Whereas a team recruited had double the chance of becoming star performers.
Research of product developers, showed it takes two to four years for them to reach their potential.
A NASA study showed that tired crews flying together made fewer mistakes than rested crews who had not flown together before.
But there is declining effect over time. Teams seem to achieve their most success after two to four years then the improvement declines. But there is good evidence to create a team, create conditions for them to practice and learn together and share experiences.
Just because we have good individuals does not mean we have a good team, we need to allow that team to experience together.


What is more important in successful teams?

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