Nudge Workshop

Nudge Workshop - Half Day

This half day Nudge workshop is ideal for helping people apply Nudge to their role. We take up to 12 Nudge ideas and help the participants work out how they can use them in their daily work.

Situations where Nudge can help:

What is Nudge about?

Nudge is a concept created by Richard Thaler, for which he was awarded the Nobel prize for Economics in 2017. Nudge is an influencing strategy mostly used at a policy level by Governments. We have taken Nudge ideas and applied them to be used in everyday situations.

We’ve broken Nudge down into small pieces that help with specific situations. We now have a set of Nudge tools which almost anyone can apply to their work.

How many participants can there be in a Nudge Workshop?

This depends on what kind of workshop you want. If you would like each participant to get a basic understanding of how Nudge works larger groups work well. If you would like them to apply the ideas to their own situations with some input from the trainer then up to 20 is manageable. For more specific help from the trainer 12 people is a good figure to work on.

What does a Nudge Workshop cost?

The cost depends on a variety of factors. The amount of tailoring of the workshop content has an impact on price. If there are going to be a number of sessions this can help reduce the price per session. For more on our training fees go to our training fees page.

Nudge Workshop Agenda

Nudge Review

"The session was indeed an eye-opener in letting people make choices and ''guiding'' them into a certain direction."
Jordy Mechelse
HR Amsterdam

Nudge Workshop feedback

Feedback from participants and those who commission Nudge is excellent. Take a look at our reviews for Nudge and our other training on our Training Reviews page.

Other Nudge Training

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