Nudge Theory Seminar

High Impact Nudge Theory Seminar

If you’re looking for a short session with high impact for your participants, then our Nudge Theory Seminar is ideal. Nudge Theory is backed by brilliant work by some very clever people. All we do is make it relevant for people in their everyday working life.

This is a very interesting and engaging seminar that will your participants will love.

What is Nudge about?

It’s a form of subtle influencing. The basic idea is that your influencing is so subtle your target does not notice it. And you’re encouraging them to make the right choice for them as well as yourself. The Nudge Theory Seminar gives an overview to Nudge and an introduction on how to use it. Read more about Nudge.

Customer Review

“Martin joined Hackney’s HR, OD and Elections teams for a fantastic introduction to Nudge. I am very grateful for how Martin tailored the event for us, we learned a lot and will be implementing some Nudge techniques. Great and engaging delivery style! I highly recommend Martin if you’re looking for something similar and we look forward to working with him again.” Read more client reviews.

How long does it take?

Our Nudge Theory Seminar is designed to be high impact and fast. That means it is usually delivered betwee 45 minutes to 90 minutes. There’s plenty of participant involvement in frequent, focussed, lively discussions.

How many participants can there be?

We have successfully presented this Nudge Theory Seminar with over 40 participants. And we’re planning a session with over 100 participants. You can choose however many people is best for you.

What facilities are needed?

It’s very simple. Just a projector and screen, plus seating in either theatre, or cabaret style. You can decide on the seating plan depending on your objective. Some clients prefer to mix the teams up and use the cabaret style to get people sitting next to people they do not normally work with. Others want teams to work together. All ways work for us.

What is the cost of the Nudge Theory Seminar?

The cost of the session depends on how much tailoring is needed for the session, the number of participants, travel time etc. All the usual factors when arranging a training seminar. The cost tends to range from £450 to £1200 depending on the details. Please contact us for a discussion on this as we’re always keen to fit within your budget. Read more about our training fees.

How much lead time is required to book?

It depends on many factors, but because this is a short session we can usually fit it into our schedule at fairly short notice. Often seminars are booked into other meetings, or conferences. We will always do our best to fit the Nudge Theory Seminar to suit your needs. Contact us.

Other training options on Nudge

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