Nudge Course

Nudge Course - One Day Training

This one day Nudge Course gives the participants some powerful new tools to influence. It’s a practical workshop session with lively discussion. We apply the ideas of Nudge to the participants’ situations. The training is tailored to your organisation and the participants.

What is Nudge?

Nudge is a form of influencing. One of the key principles of Nudge is that it is a subtle approach. It’s about helping people to make a specific choice. There is no force involved. Allowing people to make a choice but encouraging a choice which you want them to make. Often it involves a benefit for the individual which may be greater than that for you.

Where does Nudge come from?

Nudge is a brilliant idea developed by Richard Thaler, who went on to be given the Nobel Prize for economics in 2017. What other training has a Nobel prize behind it’s fundamental principles?

Nudge course overview

We have taken the basic principles of Nudge and created 12 ideas. These ideas apply to everyday work situations. For example, how to present ideas to colleagues or managers which encourages the selection of a specific choice.

Who could benefit from this training?

We think Nudge can be of help to any person in the work place. It’s such a useful set of ideas that we can’t think of a role where a knowledge of Nudge wouldn’t be useful. 

Nudge Course agenda

The following agenda can be tailored to suit your needs.

Nudge Course outputs

What can you expect to gain from this training?

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Nudge Course
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