Workshop Overview

Project management skills are increasingly becoming a necessity for many people in a wide variety of roles.

This workshop reviews both the processes & people issues. It aims to develop the methodical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a successful result. The session introduces the ITD Project Planning tool, it then applies this to the projects of the participants. This gives them the opportunity to review their project management skills within the context of their own work, resulting in a very practical workshop with participants learning from the trainer and other participants.




Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the organisation
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs
  • Agreement of agenda
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire and read the ITD Work Style Model in preparation for the workshop.


  • Full day, or two half days.


Typical Agenda

Introduction & Overview

  • Introduction to ITD Project Management framework & approach


  • Project objective & aligning to firm goals
  • Success Criteria
  • Assumptions
  • Planning inter-departmental projects


  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Managing expectations
  • Selling a project to Partners
  • Successful communication – planning and on going
  • Others involved and implicated
  • Working with different personalities


  • Milestones & tasks


  • Communication
  • Other resources
  • Contingency planning

Post Project Completion

  • Post Project Analysis
  • Project hand over

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions


Client feedback

  • “The workshop was very engaging and our guys were working on their challenges throughout the session.”
  • “Good comfortable atmosphere created from the start.”
  • “Achieved exactly what I wanted.”

Participant comments

  • “Very interesting.”


Call or email ITD to explore how we can help your people improve their project planning and project management skills.



Project Management Training – Case Study

Business Services managers in this large law firm in their Dubai offices.


The law firm is a relatively large office in Dubai, with head office in London. Participants were from all the expected functions including BD, Marketing, HR, IT, Finance etc.



Each of the participants ran a number of projects of varying size and complexity. As the firm grew the complexity and interdependencies grew.

The need was for practical training which would help each participant manage their projects more successfully.



Each participant brought a project into the session which they could work on. Some of these were projects recently completed, some were still live and others were about to start.

The workshop was designed to introduce content, ideas and tips and apply them to the participants projects in the session. For example when a point was made about having a project sponsor in the firm, those who had already tried this explained how it had helped, and those who had not considered who they could ask and how it might help them.

The ITD Project Planning Tool was applied to all the projects.



Each participant left with specific actions for their projects and a plan on implementation.

What the participants said

  • “I hadn’t realised the importance of informing those not involved but impacted by my projects.”
  • “it was excellent to see how important IT is in almost all of the projects reviewed.”


Business Services Managers – Project Management

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