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How biorhythms can affect your day.

What are biorhythms? They are the natural ups and downs you experience in your day. Sometimes you feel highly energised, other times you feel a bit slow. Some people are best in the morning, others slowly improve during the day and are at their best in the evening.

Sometimes we are so busy biorhythms make no difference as adrenalin helps us to keep moving at a high pace all day.

But during relatively normal days biorhythms can have a big impact. For example; having a meeting during your low energy times can create a poor result.

Being aware of your natural biorhythms and planning what you do around them can help.

Low energy activities could include:

  • Filing
  • Emails
  • Organising

High energy activities could include:

  • Negotiating
  • Presenting
  • Meetings
  • Client interaction

being aware of and adapting to your biorhythms can have a big impact.

How biorhythms can affect your day