Account Management Training

Having worked in sales and sales management roles our Account Management Training is developed from experience and a very practical perspective. We design the training to focus on getting you better results.

One of our participants said; “I wish I’d done this training 20 years ago.”

Our approach is to give your sales people a framework for account management. We provide lots of tips and ideas to avoid complacency, and ensure the approach is fresh and challenging. The workshop involves your sales people bringing their accounts into the session for review. During the session their portfolio, and the specific accounts they choose are analysed in detail. In other words they train whilst they are doing work, because that makes our training more practical.

Account Development Plans

We have developed our account development plans over the past 20 years, so that it is practical and works. It is a great tool to help sales people take a fresh look at their accounts because it covers all the detail. And remember in the training you’re looking at your own accounts, rather than just working on theory. Real work done in the classroom.

The Plan asks you questions about what you know, what you don’t know and what you are assuming about your accounts. Consequently it challenges your assumptions and knowledge. Sales people always find this a challenging and interesting part of the training. It’s a great use of time and leads to practical actions to implement.

Who is our Account Management training right for?

Account management training is suitable for a variety of roles. This training is essential to ensure your sales people are getting the most from their accounts. It also helps them to plan how they can protect clients from your competition. Our account management training will give them the tools to do the job and in doing so will refresh their approach.

Work whilst you train. The training works on how to take existing accounts and either develop business from them, or protect them from competition. Account management is a part service, part sales role. With long term clients we are inevitably going to be involved in service issues. One of the challenges for the sales person is to make sure they give outstanding service, sorting out any issues, whilst maximising the sales opportunity.

Roles we’ve trained on account management:

What challenges do we help with?

Our account management training gives your team a refresher to their approach. It is easy when managing an account to become a little complacent and make assumptions. It is also typical for sales people not to put as much effort in as we would with a new account. This training gives your team a framework for success, because it deals with the reality of managing accounts. Here’s some typical challenges from previous participants:

Account management training overview

Pre-course tasks
Post course actions

What do participant's get out of it?

Developing relations with key contacts

Building relationships with key contacts is vital in business and in account management training. We us our Personality Model which easy to understand and simple to apply, which means you can apply it straight away with your contacts.

Personality at work
Working with different personalities is crucial in developing accounts

How do we tailor the training to suit you?

First of all our approach is totally client focused. We start with what you would like to achieve and your budget, so that you get the best possible solution for your investment. We explore your team and their challenges with you. Our obejctive is to understand the behavioural changes you want to see.  Then we work with you to explore the style of training you want to achieve your objective.

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