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Consultative Sales Training

This pharma company has offices throughout Europe.


The sales team sell to a group of regular customers as well as larger group of new customers / prospects. There are regular meetings and the relationships forged are often very good. But there is a need to develop better working relationships with some contacts.


To help the sales team develop more self awareness, increased understanding of their clients and action plan for more challenging clients.


This workshop gives the sales person the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their clients. The Thomas International PPA report is generated from a short on line questionnaire and people find it remarkably insightful and useful. Participants reflect on their own profile and what this could say about their selling style and client relationships. This often leads to a new way to approach specific sales situations and creates a lively and thought provoking session.


The main outcomes of this session were:

  • Each sales person left the training with specific actions for their most challenging clients.
  • The sales people and sales managers shared a common language for future development.

Participant Feedback

“Really good, very interesting and useful”

“I can’t wait to try these techniques.”

Client Comment

The feedback we have received has been excellent across all countries.