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Advanced Negotiation Training - Lundbeck

Our training advanced negotiating for sales – Lundbeck, was commissioned by the training department to help develop and fine tune skills. This pharma business works to help those who suffer from diseases in the central nervous system.


The sales team sell into a variety of consultants who together can influence formulary policy. It was identified by the client that the sales team needed to improve their skills at influencing & negotiating with this group. But this is not about standard influencing and negotiating – it needed a specifically designed approach. The ITD consultants worked with the client to produce a workshop that would give the sale team ideas on how to do things differently & the opportunity to demonstrate them.


Training to develop the confidence of the sales people in influencing consultants and doctors in the health service. This advanced negotiating for sales – Lundbeck, was designed and for the team’s specific needs.

Activity - advanced negotiating for sales - Lundbeck

The resultant two and a half day workshop invited the sales team in groups of 8 to prepare for specific situations and brief the ITD consultants on those situations and the people involved. They then received input on how to look at their situations with a fresh approach, to analyse the opportunity and identify possible ways of moving forward. Role plays were then set up using doctors to play the part of consultants to give added realism and to make the role plays that much more relevant and practical. The sales people were required to facilitate a meeting and influence the direction and outcome of that meeting.
This practice was then applied to the sales people’s situations back in the field.

Outcomes - advanced negotiating for sales - Lundbeck

The sales people relished the training, finding it some of the most useful they had ever done. For those having the opportunity to apply their new approach straight away they found it very useful and could see opportunities open up where they had thought them closed. This advanced negotiating for sales – Lundbeck had the right outcomes because it was designed specifically to the participants’ needs.

Participant Feedback

“Very challenging but very, very useful”

“This was the most rigourous training I have done.”

Client Comment

“The training simulated complex negotiations and really worked on the skills of our people. Outstanding.”

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