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Team Building Training

Bio-Pharmaceutical company office in UK.


The finance department of this major pharmaceutical business were growing rapidly in numbers. Added to this, the business was going through enormous change. How they worked together as a team became a vital part of their performance.


To review and define how the team should work together bearing mind the many new members and new challenges they were facing.


Working closely with the finance manager we designed a series of 1 day workshops for the team. The first part was to give the team activities to engage in that would help them get to know each other. This was achieved through fun activities with the team mixing together and finding out about each other.
The foundation of getting to know each other was then developed through personality questionnaires, which gave each person food for thought about their interpersonal behaviours.
The future culture of the team was then defined through facilitated group work and further fun activities.


The team really enjoyed the process and they visibly changed during the workshops. The finance manager was delighted with the process and the resulting culture in the team. As a result the performance of the team has grown significantly as measured through feedback from their internal clients

Participant Feedback

“Great fun, much more than we expected.”

“Very useful and good balance of activities. I feel really positive about the future.”

Client Comment

“It was a very good session. Evrtone got stuck in and enjoyed the balance between activities and discussion. We found areat way forward for the future of the team.”