Public courses

You can now access our high quality ITD training through our open courses. These are online training events where you join as an individual with other people. These people could be from any organisation and any country in the world. This means the potential diversity of opinions and perspectives is limitless.

Open courses available

personal efficiency course
Personal efficiency course
assertiveness course
Assertiveness course


These open courses are between two and three hours long, with a 5 minute comfort break on the hour.


We try to keep the costs to a minimum and so the 2021 costs are between £40 to £60 per person per course.


There are a number of benefits for you in our open courses. Firstly is the accessibility, you just sign up and attend, so it’s really simple. Next they are short sharp focussed sessions. The course gives you access to a very experienced trainer who has worked in many organisations and countries. You can ask questions to get the ideas you need. And they are relatively low cost.

Training content

You can see a detailed agenda of each course on the subject matter pages. Just click on the images above to see the details.


Just go to the subject matter pages to get a list of the latest dates for the training sessions. 

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Public courses available