Nudge Theory Seminar

Nudge is a set of ideas to help subtly influence people in the choices they make. It’s not about telling, more about encouraging a certain option.

The seminar we run tends to be between 60 – 90 minutes in length and has the objective of introducing nudge to the participants. But there is enough time to apply some of the ideas to their challenges.

The session is fast paced with ideas introduced, explained and illustrated simply and efficiently. And the application uses ideas from the client organisation based on conversations had in the planning stage.

Some of the ideas will resonate immediately, others need time to reflect on and see how they could work. 

The appliaction of ideas can be in how one person works with another, or it could influnece how policy is developed.

Numbers attending the session can be high, so a room with forty people in it is  an effective group.

Feedback from this session tends to be very positive and  avery good use of time.


Nudge seminar gets great feedback