The difference between management and leadership is that where leadership is concerned with the culture of an organisation or a team, management is concerned with the more detailed behaviours of the members of that organisation or team. Both have an impact on performance and results.

Management tends to fall into two areas; managing processes and managing people.

Managing people can be extremely complicated because people are complicated.

Not only do people have attitudes to work and to other people; they have biorhythms where their energy levels rise and fall; they have preconceptions and prejudices; they have opinions on how things should be done and how the manager should do things; they have desires and motivations as well as pet hates and de-motivators; they like some words and they hate others; they learn in different ways; they have differing recall; they change their minds; they are influenced by random ideas and people; they read books which they immediately agree with or immediately do not; they naturally father into sets and sub sets feeling protection about their group and sometimes aggressive or threatened by other groups; they like to reflect and consider carefully and they like to react immediately and get on with it, and they are all different.

There are models and theories to help us manage people and some of them are very helpful some of the time, some of them are incredibly accurate and insightful, but no model or theory has all the answers all of the time.

This is why managing people is such a joy, because when we get it right it is truly a great achievement.

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