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Cold calling training with ITD helps sales people to make cold calls in a professional and effective way. There are many wrong ways to do this, but the way we train is effective and it works.

It might seem surprising to those people not involved in sales, that sales people generally do not like cold calling. After all isn’t that what sales is all about?

And yet there are many sales people who do not like cold calling. They avoid it. They do everything and anything else before making cold calls.

This often frustrates the sales manager who explains to them why it is crucial that they do more. But still they avoid it. So good quality cold calling training is essential for sales teams.

Cold calling training in 2015

Cold calling training needs to help sales people make calls in the context of the current market and expectations of those prospected. Whether this be business to business or consumer cold calling, the principles are similar. Cold calling is easy to get wrong as many people are wise to the techniques used in old fashioned cold calling training. Cold calling does not have to be aggressive. It can be comfortable and simple.

Cold calling training from ITD

The ITD approach to cold calling is based on our training consultants’ experience of doing it themselves.

We train sales people from our own experience of picking up the phone. We have developed an approach which works. Whilst we have two styles for this workshop we strongly recommend the live approach. This involves making cold calls during the training.

It is amazing to watch sales people gain in confidence during the training as they make calls and as they receive coaching from the ITD consultant.

Following our simple methodology for cold calling training works. Every time we do this with clients they are amazed, relieved and delighted.

Typical issues this cold calling training addresses include:

  • Lack of confidence in cold calling
  • Not enough cold calling happening
  • Sales people avoiding cold calling
  • Sales people not sure how to do it well
  • Not knowing how to approach cold calling
  • Doing everything else besides making cold calls

How do we tailor our cold calling training to suit your needs?

  1. We discuss your business needs and agree the learning objectives and training outcomes.
  2. We draft a training agenda for agreement.
  3. We develop case studies and scenarios to use in the training relevant to your business and market.
  4. With our live approach we ensure the cold calling training is highly effective and shows results in the training itself.



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Cold calling training – workshop overview

The following gives details of our approach to cold calling training, please call us up to discuss how this could work for you and the potential impact we could get for you in the training.

Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of your organisation.
  • Defining the outcomes and cold calling results you would like to see.
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs.
  • Agreement of agenda.
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire and read the ITD Work Style Model in preparation for the workshop.


  • Full day, or two half days, or two full days depending on the objectives for your cold calling training.


Typical Agenda

A. Live approach to cold calling

  • Participants make cold calls to live prospects in the training.
  • Theories and ideas are introduced with role plays to back up learning before live calls are made.
  • ITD training consultant coaches your sales people to develop their confidence and skills.
  • Calls are made followed by review with further input & ideas on how to handle the situations which the sales people encounter.
  • Learning is embed with the training consultant noticing the different styles of each sales person and supporting this in the review sessions i.e. whilst there is a standard approach the skills and personality of each person can shine through.

B. Theory of cold calling

  • Role plays are created to give your people the opportunity to practice cold calling.
  • The training consultant and/or a sales manager play a client.
  • The different types of approaches to cold calling are reviewed.
  • Participants’ questions and challenges are answered by the training consultant.
  • A team approach to cold calling is introduced.
  • Ideas are given on how to handle questions and objections.
  • Participants leave with clear actions to implement.

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions.
  • Email follow up of personal action plans.
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions.
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions.
  • Optional 121 coaching.
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions.
Cold calling training from ITD has instant impact and results
Cold calling training from ITD has instant impact and results


 Typical client feedback

  • “Fantatsic training which resulted in our team gaining lots of oppurtunities.”

Participant comments

  • “I hated cold calling before, but now have been given way to do it which suites me; so I’m going to do it much more.” Sales Representative
  • “The ITD approach to cold calling works.”
  • “Very clear approach, which if you stick to will work.”
  • “I liked the coaching from the trainer to help me with my approach.”


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To discuss your need for cold calling training call us on +44 (0)800 804 8086 or make an enquiry



Cold calling training – case study


OVL Group is a very successful business supplying vehicles and vehicle management services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

The specific training need was for the sales team to develop a more proactive approach to new business opportunities.

We developed a programme of short workshops, one of which was a live prospecting workshop. In this way the team receive training / coaching whilst doing real work. “The prospecting session was hard work but great and it really worked; I identified four new really good quality opportunities”.


OVL Group’s market differentiation is achieved through quality of service both in meeting clients’ expectations and exceeding them with a flexible approach based on over 25 years of experience

The OVL sales team is a group of dedicated sales professionals who take pride in delivering a high level of service to their clients.  Whilst there is a regular pipeline of existing client work, like many businesses there is a need to look and find new opportunities.


The specific business need was for the sales team to develop a more proactive approach to new business opportunities; and to develop awareness of ‘local’ opportunities and approach companies to develop relationships whatever their place in the sales cycle.


To better understand sales opportunities from the sales people’s perspectives we carried out field accompaniments. The ITD consultant went on joint calls, listened in to telephone calls and discussed the development needs of the selected sales people.

Discussions with managers also helped to build a clear picture about the precise needs and what was required to specifically help the business.

We developed a programme of short workshops focusing on key issues for the sales team. One of these was a live prospecting workshop. This introduced a range of ideas and practical approaches to finding opportunities, whilst the team are making calls to live prospects. In this way they are receiving training / coaching whilst doing real work. This includes sales people making blocks of calls during the workshop to prospective clients, interspersed with time to reflect and discuss areas of feedback

Part of the solution was a ‘sales blitz’ where the team approached an area, usually a major business park, to identify new opportunities.

Cold calling training from ITD has instant impact and results
Cold calling training from ITD has instant impact and results



The team developed confidence in different approaches to prospecting.

Because the solution was so practical the sales people had no doubt in how to apply skills. Results were developed in the training events with meetings booked and opportunities to quote identified. New behaviours were established. The Sales Director was delighted.

What the participants said

“Excellent. It actually exceeded my expectations about how much we could achieve.”

“The prospecting session was hard work but great and it really worked; I identified four new really good opportunities.”

“I’ve gained some great opportunities in the training, so that can’t be bad.”

“This approach to cold calling training just shows that when I do it this way it works, it isn’t painful and actually the prospects are fine with it.”




To see how your organisation could benefit from our cold calling training make an enquiry or call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Why source your cold calling training from ITD?

1. Proven methodology.

2. You will get instant results.

3. Your sales people will be motivated and inspired, plus they will have a clear methodology to follow after the training.

4. Training is tailored to your organisation.

5. Live training means your people will be doing their work in the session.

6. Our unique approach to action planning gives your people the best chance to change their behaviours.





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