We have written books in paperback & electronic format on subjects relevant to our training. You can read these to gain useful and practical tips to help in everyday situations. The books can be stand alone or read as useful follow up to our training. The style is very informal and the writing to the point. The books are short and to the point, usually between 60 to 80 pages. They are written as useful guides on how to do the subject a little better, either through learning or being reminded on what tends to work.


These ebooks have the aims of being:

  • Full of ideas, tips and strategies from practical experience
  • Relevant to lawyers
  • Specific to the professional services world
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to apply
  • ‘Dipinable’ – meaning you can pick them up & dip in without having to read cover to cover


Lawyer’s Guide to Improving Success in Communicating with Clients, Prospects and Colleagues – Martin Chapman published 2014



Lawyer's Guide for Amazon

 Amazon – kindle format

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Lawyer's Guide for itunes

 Apple – itunes format

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Lawyer's Guide for Lulu

Lulu.com – paperback


About this book

This book is for lawyers who want to improve their communication with clients, prospects and colleagues. Using the ITD work style model to describe personalities at work, the book is full of ideas and tips.

These ideas and tips can be applied to meetings, emails phone calls, and communication generally.
The ideas in this book have been gained from our work with lawyers over the years, and have been used by lawyers in many firms and in many countries.

Who is this book for?

This lawyer’s guide was written for any lawyer, attorney at any level and those who are either studying law or going through their training contract. It’s not about the law, it’s about working with lawyer’s and those who commission work for lawyer’s. Any professional service business can benefit from the ideas in this book.

Tips & ideas

The format of the book is in small sections with bullet points. This means you can easily look up tips and ideas. It’s full of useful suggestions and approaches when working with different personality types.


  • Personality styles are easy to understand and recognise by lawyers.
  • Simple to apply in everyday situations.
  • We’ve been using the framework for years and it works.
  • Helps in BD work when networking.
  • Helps in working with business services colleagues.
  • Helps in working with other fee earners.

What is the style of the book?

No nonsense, straight to the point, bullet point language.

Where can I see more details?

To see more details click on the links below or the images above, to go to the Amazon store for the ebook version, and to the lulu site for the paperback version.

How can I order the book?

Just click on the images above, or links below in the book format you need and you will taken to the relevant website.

Amazon – Amazon for the kindle version.

itunes – itunes for that version

Lulu – Lulu.com to order a paperback.



Training on this book

We offer training on the principles from this book. Run by experienced training consultants who have been working with law firms for many years.


  • 1.5 hour to 3 hour training session.
  • Up to 16 participants.
  • Held in your law firm.
  • Demonstration of situations where understanding work styles can make a difference.
  • Classroom or Webex.


Benefits of training

  • Gives lawyers an opportunity to discuss personality and apply the ideas from the book.
  • Ensures the learning sticks in the right way.
  • Discussion takes place on the practical application of these ideas.
  • To book training just call +44 (0)800 804 8086 or email info@itd.com







More books to follow…








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